Lean Fuser Diffuser
Lean Fuser Diffuser

Reclaimed Red Wood
Reclaimed Red Wood

action at screaminglizard
action at screaminglizard

Lean Fuser Diffuser
Lean Fuser Diffuser


Music Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Delivery for DDP, CD, Vinyl and Streaming


Vintage Front-end

Burl Audio converters & Avid Pro Tools Ultimate

Grace Design M906 Monitor controller

Genelec 'The One' 8351B point source monitors

Film Mixing in Immersive Formats

Sound Design, Dialog and Foley


Restoration and Transfer

We are Grammy nominated, Emmy and Golden Reel winning engineers

Unique, personable experience: No attitude, just a lazer-like focus on your project

Combined over 50 years of experience in the music and film industry

We care for your project big or small

Contact us to make your vision a reality


Andre Zweers

Producer, Audio Editor, & Film Mixer 

Digital Dude

The Team


Judy Kirschner

Record, 'Mix & Master' Master 

Golden Ear Analog Girl

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